Tier 1 — Purchasing 20 bionic prostheses for kids in Europe
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Fundraising Tier 1
1000 USD 50000 USD
Tier 2 — The launch of small-scale local production of bionic prostheses in Odesa
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Fundraising Tier 2
1000 USD 100000 USD
Tier 3 — The launch of complete production cycle in Odesa, Kyiv and Kharkiv
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Fundraising Tier 3
1000 USD 1000000 USD

The key goal of Fctory.io

At the moment, there are dozens of confirmed cases of amputations of children’s limbs. Moreover, there are many cases that have gone unreported in the media. In Ukraine, there has never been a high-tech production of bionic prosthetic arms and legs. The same is true for any system of further rehabilitation of the victims. When the war is over, there is going to be an urgent need to help children having been maimed during the war.

Ukrainian children aged 2 to 17 need modern bionic prostheses in order to continue to live a normal life and be part of society. At the same time, it is important to underline that such prostheses have to be changed once a year because the body grows and needs to be rehabilitated from year to year.

Modern prostheses are equipped with electronics and can be quite fragile, as a result of which our own production in Ukraine will simplify the maintenance of bionic prostheses and reduce the repair time from months to several days.

Fctory Facts

Why would this project be implemented directly in Ukraine?

✔️ Full cycle of production

Fast production, easy technical support, rapid maintenance

✔️ Rehabilitation

Every time someone needs a bionic prosthesis, they will be able to undergo rehabilitation in Kyiv, Kharkiv or Odesa, where client offices will be located, instead of going to Europe, e.g. Austria or Germany.

✔️ Development

Our talented engineers, constructors and developers are very motivated. Our goal is to provide the market with the product as high-quality as possible.

✔️ Infrastructure

The prosthesis factory is supposed to be located in Odesa, namely near the seaport, which will make logistics easier. In turn, the client offices are going to be situated in Kyiv and Kharkiv, just about 12-20 hours’ drive from Odesa, which will make it possible to rapidly deliver all bionic prostheses to patients.

✔️ Customers

The native language and friendly atmosphere will have a beneficial effect on this process, unlike regular visits to hospitals. The clients of Fctory.io will be satisfied, just like those who, for instance, have bought a new iPhone or Tesla.

✔️ Legal Support

We are going to cooperate with the government and charitable organizations as well as with insurance companies in order to cover the cost of prostheses.

All the above facts are just the tip of the iceberg of those things, which will dramatically change the lives of children and adults who have suffered during the war.

Problem & Solution

Disability in Ukraine is something like a verdict. Let’s fix it!


Non-functional plastic arm
  • Kids must live a full life without worrying that they have some health problems.
  • Plastic arms seem to be useless in terms of their functionality.
  • Plastic arms may harm the mental health of children and lead to the appearance of complexes.


Bionic prosthesis
  • Children should feel that they are like cyborgs.
  • Bionic prostheses may contain built-in NFC modules, displays and many other features.
  • Make your own custom design
  • High functionality


Distance & Time
  • Everyone who has suffered and lost an arm or a leg would need to travel a distance of 2000 to 3000 km in order to get to Europe and receive a high-quality bionic prosthesis there, experiencing discomfort associated with foreign languages and being far from relatives.
  • Children have to do that every year because they grow up. Moreover, modern prostheses tend to be very customized.


Local warehouse & support
  • The client offices will be located in the largest Ukrainian cities, such as Kyiv, Kharkiv and Odesa.
  • The native language
  • Friendly atmosphere, not the hospital atmosphere


Lack of knowledge
  • Few people are aware of the existence of bionic prosthesis.
  • Not everyone knows about physical effects caused by, for example, one arm missing.


  • We will fill gaps in everything relating to health issues, particularly prosthetics.
  • Injured children, who don't wear prosthetic arms, face an extra load on their healthy arms, which could lead to negative consequences.


Legal aspect
  • Ukrainians need to take care of their health, but at the same time they have to bother with a bunch of documents, bureaucracy and so forth.


  • We will work with the government, lawyers and community to make the whole process almost automated.


The lion’s share of production facilities has been ruined.
  • Our talented engineers have lost their jobs because of the war.


New workplaces
  • We will create modern jobs for rehabilitologists, engineers, psychologists, developers etc.

Distribution of funds Tier 3

  • 30%Free 1000 bionic arm prostheses for kids
  • 20%Factory
  • 12%Marketing & Lawers
  • 11%Development
  • 10%Patents & Licences
  • 5%Salaries & Rent
  • 4%Ecosystem Development
  • 4%Training
  • 4%Rehabilitation centers

Support Ukraine

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Let’s build the future together.

Special Thanks

The largest contributors will be inducted into the Hall of Fame. One-time donation of at least $100,000.

In search of the affected

We will cooperate closely with the government, charitable organizations and insurance companies in order to find victims who have had their arms amputated.

Click on the link in order to visit the website


You will see the whole process in my social media, official telegram channel, and blog section to know the progress of the project.

Safe & Secure

We are looking for trustworthy charity foundations which could contribute to the project reliability level. It is worth mentioning that all our partners and people who know us have already joined the project or will do it soon.

Tier 3 Roadmap

Meeting deadlines depends on both the progress of fundraising and how soon the war is over.

2022 March
Fundraising starts
  • The start for fundraising
  • Looking for angel investors
  • Every penny counts, so to speak
2022 July
Team Building
  • Team building
  • Hiring the best developers & engineers
2022 October
Fundraising gets completed
  • We have finally done it!
2022 August
Factory Construction
  • Looking for a place for the construction
  • Building the factory
  • Location: Odesa
  • Advantages: the close location to the seaport
2023 January
Bionic prostheses development
  • Purchasing licenses & patents
  • Testing and developing
  • Registering own patents
2023 January
Rehabilitation programme
  • Working with leading Ukrainian rehabilitation specialists
  • Trip to Germany and Austria for exchange of experience
2023 June
End of factory construction
  • Workshop
  • Painting shop
  • Assembly shop
2023 June
Creating a MVP
  • Developing modern prosthesess
  • Lightweight
  • Technological
2023 July
MVP Testing
  • Working closely with patients
  • Feedback
  • Improvements
2023 July
Client Offices
  • Rent for space in malls to ensure friendly atmosphere
  • Establishment of rehabilitation centers
  • Locations: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa
2023 October
Start of production
  • We’ve done it! The first 20 kids and adults will receive their bionic prostheses absolutely free!
  • Stable production of 20 prostheses per month

Executive team

I’m looking for great and kind people who know the most about those things which may be valuable to this project. I’m sure there are lots of us!

Kyrylo Andriushchenko
Ideologist and founder
The Best Ever
Eugene Tymchenko
Head of Engineering/3d modeling

We need a talented team which is full of inspiration for helping people having suffered during this tragic war. Send your CV here

Our Partner

Frequently asked questions

You can also ask me about everything via the form below.

There are going to be only bionic arm prostheses. Actually, it's difficult to launch the production of both arm and leg prostheses in parallel because of different technologies.

Yes. If we manage to raise much more money than planned, we will have additional opportunities to develop and manufacture leg prostheses.

No, the project is expected to be self-contained. There is no doubt that every year dozens of people have their limbs amputated, so they need high-quality bionic prostheses which are easy to find in their home country.

Well, our hope is that it will not happen. However, if we don’t raise the total amount of money, we will transfer all funds to children, who have been affected and lost their arms or legs.

In fact, we have wide experience in creating teams, hiring people, developing projects etc. To be honest, we’re not engineers, but Elon Musk is not an engineer either.

After both the war and the fundraising campaign are over, we will regularly publish reports within the BLOG section of this website.

Well, you can send your CV via the form below.

In general, such a prosthesis, according to market characteristics and technologies which will be used by Fctory.io, is supposed to cost $2000-3000 per unit.

At an early stage of the manufacturing process, it’s worth expecting, according to our estimates, 20 units per month. And then, after 6 to 10 months, the production will reach the level of 40-50 units per month. Anyway, we are determined to optimize all processes and increase production on an on-going basis.

Frankly speaking, the government has every opportunity to do that. However, why, you may ask, has nothing been done in this area over the past 8 years? Well, as you know, since 2014, Ukraine has been facing hybrid warfare by the Russian Federation, and now, during the Russian military invasion of Ukraine, things have gotten as bad as possible. In particular, every day Russia destroys our critical and civilian infrastructure. In this regard, Ukraine will have to make great efforts, first of all, to rebuild its own cities and villages. As a result, the government will not be able, at least initially, to be engaged in the story relating to bionic prostheses for children and adults.

Well, such a measure has been taken in gratitude to some crypto enthusiasts having made a significant contribution to the project. We’d like to emphasize that we intend to launch Fctory Coin on any DEX in the near future. However, at this stage, it doesn't make any sense.

Contact Fctory.io

Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.